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Abacist Group is a certified implementation partner for Adaptive Insights, The Leader in Cloud Business Analytics. We have won Adaptive Insight's Top Partner of the year three times including for being ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction across all consultants implementing Adaptive Planning.

Abacist Group has been implementing Adaptive Planning models for our clients longer than any other consulting firm.  We have successfully completed over 150 projects related to Adaptive Insights / Adaptive Planning.

Adaptive Insights pioneered Cloud-based budgeting and forecasting. Their planning solution makes it easy for companies to elevate their corporate performance management. With Adaptive Planning's centralized, web-based solution, you no longer need to send out multiple versions of spreadsheets, manage complex consolidations of data, or worry about departments using the most current version of the plan.

Contact Abacist Group at bill.aiken@abacistgroup.com or complete the form below to learn why Adaptive Insight's clients have ranked this innovative web-based CPM application #1 in customer satisfaction among Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting tools. Abacist Group has helped a wide array of clients implement Adaptive Insights and can help you leverage best practices learned from years of implementations.


  • Dramatically reduce budgeting and forecasting cycle times—by up to 90% 
  • Simplify and standardize data collection across the organization 
  • Decrease errors and improve accuracy by eliminating broken links and formulas 
  • Deliver more complete and frequent forecasts, including rolling forecasts 
  • Enable timely and thorough what-if analyses 
  • Establish one version of the truth 
  • Make faster, more informed decisions 
  • Enhance collaboration with, and ownership by, department managers 
  • Improve alignment throughout the organization 
  • Increase the strategic value of finance 


  • Complete Set of Planning Components and Financial Statements. Plan Personnel, Expenses, Sales, and Capital. Link elements to create a complete set of dynamic financial statements, including Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, and Income Statement. 
  • Configurable Data Entry Sheets. Provide managers with intuitive, spreadsheet-like data entry sheets that are customized to only show relevant data. 
  • Multi-dimensional Data Collection. Provide users with a simple and intuitive way to plan across multiple dimensions (e.g., product, geography, customer, etc). 


Adaptive Planning Cube Sheet


  • Multi-dimensional Cubes. Develop a Sales Plan by Product, by
    Customer, by
     Region using Adaptive Planning's cube sheet technology. 
  • Metrics. Extend your plan beyond the Chart of Accounts. Budget and
    forecast any data required for your model, including operational
  • Automated Consolidation. Automatically consolidate changes at the
    department level into the corporate plan, eliminating broken links and
    manual cut and paste exercises.
  • Dynamic Formulas. Create formulas in any data cell, just like a
    spreadsheet. Reference data and assumptions from other cells,
    including financial and operational accounts in other subplans, to create
    dynamic, driver-based plans. Formulas can be established centrally for
    easy modification across the model.
  • Workflow. Automatically manage the plan submission and approval
    process. Department managers can submit their completed plans for
    approval, and their managers can then submit their plans, until the
    entire version is approved.
  • Drill-Down.See where data originated via real-time drill-down
  • Notations. Add notes to document budgeting and forecasting
    assumptions. Notes rollup with sheets, so managers with broader
    responsibilities can see notes from all sub-plans in one place.
  • Web-based Access. Perform budgeting, forecasting and reporting
    from any web browser at any time. No new software, hardware, or IT
    support is required.


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