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Consumer Goods companies need better tools to drive effective decisions & planning.

Nearly 20% of the typical CPG company’s budget is invested in trade and promotional spending. Because of this, it is imperative that teams responsible for developing the activities to drive growth are able to analyze and understand the impact of their pricing decisions. With the wrong set of tactics in place, volume growth won’t translate into profit and cash flow growth. But with the right mix of activity, both the CPG firm and its customers can benefit from growing sales & profits.

Implement Abacist Analytix for CPG, and within 8 weeks your planning model can be up and running allowing you to:


Gain visibility into the full business impact of pricing & promotional decisions


Consider various what-if scenarios and see the volume, revenue, profit impact of options analyzed


Develop detailed promotional plans that integrate with the corporate financial plan and forecast


Rapidly adopt CPG planning & analytics best practices


Eliminate the errors and headaches caused by spreadsheets



Abacist Analytix for CPG Summary Dashboard



Abacist Analytix Trade Calendar on Anaplan


Abacist Analytix Trade Promo Forecast on Anaplan

 Abacist Analytix for CPG Summary Dashboard Anaplan


Abacist Analytix for CPG Trade Promo Planning Model 



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